Nostalgia, booming trend in Arab marketing

للقراءة بالعربية اضغط هنا

Marketing communications have witnessed a radical change in the Arab world in recent years with many advertisers leaning towards using concepts that relate to people’s aspirations and their thirst for stability and prosperity; two lost commodities in the post-Arab spring era .

More and more companies  are now relying on integrated communication strategies that try to avoid the traditional direct messaging .  Perhaps among the most booming trends that characterizes the Arab advertisements these days is nostalgia . TV commercials of famous brands are extensively depicting positive values associated with past times.

Pepsi Masr (Egypt)’s recent TV commercial is a good example of such successful employment of nostalgia. The company launched its Ramadan 2014 campaign with an ad that remind the Egyptians of the glories from the near past, bringing together some of the Egypt’s best entertainment icons such as 4Ms (musical band), Samir Ghanim, Sheeren, George Sedehom, Najwa Ibrahim, Hosham Abbas, Hamid al Sha’ir,  Boogie & Tamtam (TV muppet show) and others. The ad shows all these stars recalling or browsing old photos from their shows and the old times.

PepsiMasr is capitalizing on its last year TV commercial which had the same title (Yella Nekamal Lametina  – Let’s Complete Our Gathering), but this time with a different cast.

This year’s TV commercial is already making buzz among Egyptian social media users. A hashtag that has the campaign title in Arabic  (يلا_نكمل لمتنا# ) has been trending on twitter and Instgram with many users tweeting about their own memories.

Many Egyptians are tweeting old pic showing their families and friends  just like in the ad.

Many Egyptians are tweeting old pics showing their families and friends just like in the ad.

Communication theories and related psychological studies suggest that remembering the past triggers positive feelings that usually make people feel younger by exposing them to something that they are familiar with such as images that are not necessary product-specific.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.39.12 PM

Despite the fact that these kind of ads could alienate certain audience group such as the younger generations that are not familiar with these past icons, the success they are making in the Arab world indicates that many Arabs  are fed up with the violent status quo and longing for the good old days.

It is worth to mention that some wide-range of Arab columnists and bloggers,  specifically those in Egypt and Iraq, are also using “nostalgia” as a theme in their writings to provoke attitude-change.

Published by (Why News), an Iraqi news agency, on Aug 31

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia, booming trend in Arab marketing

  1. Excellent point,. I know many Arabs across the Arab world are lamenting the end of the earlier era of relative peace and sectarian stability under authoritarian but more benevolent regimes, for instance the era of King Feisal in Iraq, Borguiba in Tunisia, the Lebanon of the 60’s, Egypt of the Nasser era, etc.

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