Snow Spurs Content Creation on Arab Social Media

Severe weather conditions  have caused disruptions throughout the Middle East  with countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan experiencing  the heaviest snow storms in years.

However,  the snow storm dubbed Alexa was an opportunity for some Arabs to create  content that tickled our funny bone and managed to generate buzz.

Photos of snow swept the social media particularly in Egypt where people joked that the snowfall was the magical work of Gen. Abdel Fattah  el-Sisi.  See translated caption below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 6.36.47 PM

Arabic caption reads: “God Bless El-Sisi..he turned the country into a European state in two months” (photo courtesy of El-Masrawy)

A  scene still from the classic “Bayn el Qasryan” (Palace Walk), a movie based on a novel with the same title by Noble prize winner Naguib Mahfouz, was the theme of another cold weather joke. The photoshopped  still showed “Si el Sayid, the cruel husband,  practicing  his absolute  authority over his  obedient wife, Amiena. Contrary to her character  in the movie though, Amiena this time decides to stand up for herself. See translated caption below.

Si el Sayad (Right): Did you wash the dishes, Amiena? Amiena: You really don't have shame, Si el Sayad !

Si el Sayad [Right]: Why didn’t you wash the dishes, Amiena?
Amiena [Left]: You really don’t have blood (Colloquial for you don’t have shame), Si el Sayad ! (Photo Courtesy of El Masrawy)

The joke was  meant to reflect how the cold weather prevented many housewives from doing their daily chores which their husbands take for granted .

Among those who successfully capitalized on the weather conditions was the Egyptian journalist and TV host of “Manshet”, Jaber el Armoti. The host surprised his spectators on  Thursday when he appeared bundled in a blanket asking his audience to donate for “Blanket for Needy”, a charity campaign.

The episode which was uploaded to YouTube generated more 50,000 views while a twitter hashtag that has the TV host’s name in Arabic, (القرموطي#), is still trending.

"In August, El Qarmoti will present the show in his underwear

One user tweeted “Does that mean that in August, El Armoti will present the  show wearing his underwear only?”

Do you remember, Gamhir from Bassem Youssef’s show? She made a short but sharp-witted  appearance capitalizing on El-Armoti’s blanket video.

Comedian actor Khalid Mansour, known for his portrayal of Gamhir,  posted on his twitter and Facebook accounts a  still for one of Gamhir’s popular sketches in which she appeared snuggling up in bed with a blanket.  The other half of the photo showed El Armoti bundled in his blanket.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 9.02.14 PM

Mansour jokingly wondered if El Armoti was trying  to compete with Gamhir !

Yet, it was the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, who generated the biggest buzz. While touring the capital Amman to oversee efforts to clear the snow off the streets, the King rushed to help the driver and passengers of one car who got stuck in the Amman snow Saturday.

A YouTube video showing the king as he pushed the car together with few other people, uploaded by the Jordanian news website Khabarni, was broadcast by several Arab satellite channels including Al-Arabyia and is still trending on different social media platforms by Jordanians and other Arab users.

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